Kafka summit in review — 2021 Europe

1 min readMay 17, 2021
Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

I had the pleasure to present at Kafka Summit Europe 2021 — my talk focused on running advanced SQL queries on streams of Kafka data. For the most part my talk centered around Continuous SQL — including the criticality of time (using timestamps in Kafka and Flink as part of SQL queries) in streams. Especially the difference and usage of event-time vs processing-time and windows in SQL. I also talked about more advanced things like JOIN (and how time matters in joins) as well as Complex Event Processing with MATCH_RECOGNIZE. I wished there was more time because the topic has so much more detail than I could cover in my session. I always want to go deeper. I’m not sure if the video will come out, but I will link when/if it does. Fun times, but like many of us probably do, I miss in-person conferences.

But beyond that, it was an absolute blast to chat with Dan, Marton, and Tim about the summit itself, the trends we see, and our, perhaps cynical take on the future of streaming data. Dinesh masterfully led the conversation here:


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